Brief Update from Supporting Climate Change Leaders 2017 activity

As a part of the conditions of International Development Research Centre’s (IDRC) small grants award titled “Supporting Climate Change Leaders 2017”, I got the opportunity to attend three weeks’ training at University of Southampton. This activity primarily focussed on Project Management with attention to Communication and Research into Use. I also visited the University of Exeter to learn about communication with stakeholders. Between 29th May and 17th June 2017, I had the opportunity to get trained by our DECCMA Northern Team members who are experienced in the areas of my activity.

The training on project management was imparted by DECCMA’s Consortium Coordinator, Jon Lawn. It included an introduction to PRINCE2, ways of Financial Planning, importance of Interpersonal Skills, understanding of Risks and Strategic Planning and the purpose of Legal and Contractual processes for projects. Being the major part of my activity, this was the most demanding area and involved serious listening, thinking, noting down relevant points, reading, asking questions, and reflecting. To build on this training on Project Management, I shall undertake a course on PRINCE2.

For the Communications part of my activity, it was divided in two sections – communication with stakeholders for research and communicating research outputs. For learning on communication with stakeholders for research purposes, I travelled to University of Exeter and learnt about the techniques, etiquettes, and planning for some Qualitative Research Methods from Ricardo Safra de Campos and Lucy Faulkner. Although not a researcher myself, I have found myself in situations (by choice or by accident) where I had to facilitate qualitative discussions. This part of my activity has helped me to understand how I can improve my ways for the next time and also gave me confidence that some things which I had done without much training were rightly done. For the Research into Use(RiU) part of my activity, DECCMA’s RiU Focal-Point Carolin Bothe-Tews shared insights on Non-scientific writing, usefulness of visual tools such as info-graphics and photo essays for communication of research, creation and maintenance of websites, and the use of social media to share project updates. CARIAA’s Research into Use Guidance Note which was circulated before the Third Annual Learning Review (ALR3) was referred to and examples from other projects were also learnt.

When applying for this activity, I was hopeful to learn a lot if my application got selected by IDRC. I feel thankful for having been granted this opportunity as not only did I learn during the scheduled training hours but also had the privilege of working alongside project members in a different country and learn about the similarities and differences in the way we work.

"This work was carried out with the aid of a grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, Canada for the Project entitled Supporting Climate Change Leaders (108536-003). The views expressed in this work are those of the creators and do not necessarily represent those of IDRC or its Boards of Governors."

Posted 21/06/2017 15:25 by Sumana Banerjee

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