Questionnaire on student experiences of using technologies in their studies

This survey is about your experiences with technologies and the wider context of your studies. The questions require either short answers or selecting from several options. If a question does not seem relevant to you please enter n/a in the answer box.

As a way of thanking you we shall be entering everyone into a prize draw for an iPod nano MP3 player.

Research in e-learning is usually focused on technological or pedagogical issues and so far students have been largely overlooked. In this research project we should like to address this and turn our attention to students who are using technologies to support their learning activities. Besides conducting several interviews to gather student stories on how they use and experience technology within their learning tasks, we should like to generate a bigger picture: hence this survey. In it we should mainly like to focus on what kind of technologies you use, how you use them and why. We should be grateful if you could fill out these questions and provide, if you can, a detailed description of your reasons and strategies for using your favoured technological devices or software to allow you to study alone or together with others.

The research is being conducted by the e-Learning Research Centre at the University of Southampton together with several of the HE Academy Subject Centres.

All the information you fill out will be anonymised and treated with confidence. The questionnaire is likely to take you about 20 minutes to complete.

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