New Forest Background - Voluntary Bodies

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The high nature conservation value of The New Forest is recognised by its notification as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Owners and occupiers, including the Crown, have the obligation to notify English Nature of any works that might cause damage to the Notification. In addition, SSSI notification obliges the local planning authority to consult English Nature over planning issues affecting the Forest.

A number of voluntary organisations play their respective parts in the protection and management of The New Forest and include The IX Centenary Trust, New Forest Committee, The New Forest Association, The New Forest Commoners' Defence Association, The New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society, the New Forest Section of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Naturalists' Trust. A bimonthly Verderers' Court is held, which hears presentments on Forest affairs from any person who wishes to make his views known about matters over which the Verderers have some control or on which they can advise the Forestry Commissioner other official bodies.

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