Client:Environment Agency, Defra and Sniffer

Development of a Geomorphological River Habitat Survey Floodplain Module (GeoRHS)

Existing River Habitat Survey techniques have not covered the floodplain environment and aspects of the hydromorphology of rivers. The GeoRHS R+D programme is enhancing the desk-based and field survey modules of RHS to develop appropriate indices.

GeoData, along with partners from Newcastle University, CEH and Babtie's, have developed a geomorphological module for the River Habitat Survey as part of a two phase programme. The first phase has evaluated the parameters that will be collected to contribute to the GeoRHS floodplain module and tested this in the field. The programme has also established a desk-based (remote sensed) evaluation procedure for at a site data collation. A database and online manual and support files have been created to allow for field data entry.

Subsequent stages of the project will develop and test database and GIS applications that will allow the extraction of variables to support a wide range of functional operations (e.g. flood defence, Water Framework Directive, conservation and restoration).