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Client:Countryside Council for Wales, Abergavenny

Fluvial Audit of 13 tributaries feeding the River Usk

GeoData has undertaken the fluvial audit field and desk surveys of the River Usk, ales to support assessment of the habitat conditions within the River Usk SAC and to examine the issues for sustainability.

The River Usk and a number of its tributaries have been put forward to the European Commission as a candidate Special Area for Conservation designated under the European Habitats Directive, and parts of the system have also Site of Special Scientific Interest for geomorphological and physiographic features. In order to produce Conservation Objectives for the site, the Countryside Council for Wales commissioned GeoData to undertake a Fluvial Geomorphological Audit on 13 of the designated tributaries (126km). The inventory of morphological features will be used to identify and understand the geomorphological processes which influence and control channel activity and the distribution of SAC species habitat.