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Client:Forestry Commission
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Permission Databases

A large number of recreational sporting events are held on Forestry Commission (FC) land. These events can be one-off sponsored walks, orienteering etc. or regular activities (e.g. annual permits for horse riding or scientific collection). Many activities require formal permission from the FC to be granted in order for the event to take place, and there is often a requirement to ensure that events that may conflict don not take place in the same place on the same day.

GeoData have developed a permissions database which is in use in two Forest Districts. The database records information from potential forest users, including contact name, type of event, number of attendees and event location, which is then distributed to forest managers by email for a decision as to whether the event may take place. Standard permits can then be generated from the data stored in the database using a series of word templates.

Financial data relating to events can also be recorded and a variety of reports produced which summarize income by financial year, activity or forest area.