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Client:Countryside Agency
Associates:Lead Consultants: Black and Veatch

Open Access: Mapping of Registered Common Land for the Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) Act 2000

GeoData were part of the consultant team, lead by Black and Veatch, that has delivered the mapping of open country and registered common land in England for the CRoW Act 2000.

Specifically, GeoData's role has been to act as mapping advisors, following an initial programme of work to investigate GIS methodologies during 1999. We have worked closely with Black and Veatch and the Countryside Agency throughout the programme on the specification and sourcing of data for the programme.

The mapping of Registered Common Land involved the scanning of over 5000 statutory maps at local authorities throughout England. These maps have been rectified and georegistered to provide the basis for effective digitisation. Common land boundaries were digitised in MapInfo against an Ordnance Survey vector basemap. Comprehensive validation of the boundaries was carried out to produce a high quality output for public consultation.

The experience developed through this programme has led to further evaluation of the digital versions of the maps of Registered Common Land and the mapping of Section 15 land under the CRoW Act 2000 on behalf of Defra and the Countryside Agency.