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Saltmarsh long the Solway estuary

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Environment Impact Assessment, Strategic Environment Assessment and Sustainability Assessment provide a range of methods for testing the acceptability of projects, plans and policies. GeoData has a long history of science based assessments feeding into such methods in a wide range of development sectors. Such activity is supported by our own research and often uses the database and GIS skills in-house to provide the strategic level assessments.

Through its work with national and international agencies GeoData has developed a strong role in strategy and policy research and consultancy within the environmental sector.

Partnered working has enabled us to participate in multidisciplinary programmes, particularly those where institutional capacity building, education and information systems development can assist in the implementation. We have worked extensively within the catchment, river and coastal environments, providing methodologies and survey strategies as input to national monitoring, contingency planning and management programmes.

Key areas include:

  • Integrated River, Shoreline and Estuary Management
  • Sustainable Environment Research
  • Indicators and Monitoring

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