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GeoData offers independent professional project planning and consultancy services across a range of development-relevant sectors, but with three primary focuses - process, risk and technical tool development. In each case the approach is integrative and cross-disciplinary, so as to provide a comprehensive and balanced approach.

Process-based projects often centre on aspects of global or local environmental (climate) change with a view to clarifying impacts, hazards and response options. A particular emphasis on river and coastal processes offers a basis for advanced understanding which contributes to effective problem solving.

The risk-based management agenda is a powerful framework in which to link physical and social inputs, assessment of impact and vulnerability (adaptive capacity) and multicriteria options evaluation leading through to aspects of decision-support, implementation and governance. Advanced and innovative work on technical aspects (notably spatial data analysis and modelling, database design and GIS) underpins the comprehensive approach that links high-level research to practical problem solving and management intervention.

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