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International Development

Success 44 Climate change and flooding: protecting vulnerable communities

The GeoData Institute (part of the Geography and Environment Academic Unit) is a University based group specializing in integrated environmental and social research and consultancy in a development context. The research agenda emphasises the cross-disciplinary nature of the environmental and social sciences, with a particular focus on appropriate technological input, capacity development (as opposed to simply training) and geospatial information handling. GeoData provides a blend of academic and professional resources and services, drawing on environmental and social expertise of associated staff in many departments within and beyond the University of Southampton, UK. GeoData Institute’s work stresses the independent and impartial role of an academic institute together with the outward-looking applied science and consultancy.

The Institute has a long history of working with multi-national and national funding agencies (UN, WB, DfID, EU) as well as industry and government agencies.

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